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8 Sep 2021
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Street Photography Awards 2021 _ Part 1

10. Sep - 10. Oct

Part 1:   10. Sep - 13. Sep
Part 2 :  14. Sep - 10. Oct

Organized by Dpsp Street

Sponsored by D Emptyspace

Curated by Keigo Nakamura

Online Exhibition _ Part 1 (10. Sep - 13. Sep)

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Selected Works

Sandra Cattaneo Adorno


 I took this photograph while travelling in Mexico.  Visually, I am drawn to strong light and bold colours and in this case I loved the shapes of the umbrellas against the blue sky and blue sea. The curves attracted me and were in direct contrast to the silhouette of the man standing still with his hat lit up by the sun and looking like an empty cusk.

Maude Bardet


 I took this photograph while travelling in Mexico.  Visually, I am drawn to strong light and bold colours and in this case I loved the shapes of the umbrellas against the blue sky and blue sea. The curves attracted me and were in direct contrast to the silhouette of the man standing still with his hat lit up by the sun and looking like an empty cusk.

Charlotte Stone


I was watching some professional ballet dancers rehearse for an outside performance.  This adorable girl was with her family, and she was absolutely entranced by the dancers. She walked around and around, never taking her eyes off them.  

She eventually got to meet some of them up at the stage.  Perhaps this experience will inspire her to try ballet. I loved the way she was walking confidently with her blue floaties and lollipop in hand.

Kathleen Greeson


A pedestrian on the Walnut Street Bridge is silhouetted against a towering cumulus cloud at sunset in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It is one of the most fascinating clouds I have ever seen and I couldn't believe it came so close to the bridge. Such an ominous scene.  This image was shot with an 80-200 mm zoom lens on a Nikon body.

Hersley Ven Casero


“Seaside Stories”

A group of kids cool off in the crisp morning sea before a hot tropical day ahead in Dumaguete City, Philippines.

Valter Salvatori


How to spend a long and hot August day.

Alexandra Avlonitis


I was walking down the street when I spotted a man inside a darkened truck. Suddenly a small cloud passed by, obscuring the face of the man in the truck. I made a photo. 

Ah, the mysteries of street photography.

Jana Kupčáková



About this photo:

It soon gets dark in the winter and thanks "covid" are streets of the cities half empty. Bus and tram stops have thus become my favorite subject for photography. They were one of the few places where people were, and thanks to the evening lighting, I was able to photograph their stories.

Laura Pierangeli


the pic describes a moment of pure joy and happiness during the last gay pride in Rome in June 2021.

Marci Lindsay



This photo was taken on my last trip to New York before Covid, in February 2020. I haven’t been there since, and I greatly miss my nearly monthly trips there. After wandering a neighborhood in Queens, where I tried in vain to get any decent shots, I decided to swing by this block on the Upper East Side. Here, these vents seem to spew their steam just for the street shooter, if the photographer can manage to get something that’s not too cliché from the scene. 

There wasn’t much happening at this mid-afternoon hour, just a few people walking by. But this guy—he seems straight out of a movie! Such swagger, such style. The “smoke” from his cigarette seems to be coming out of the stack. The blue truck is kind enough to complement the orange signs and stacks. I took a couple of shots that I liked—or should I say, where he looks cool—but chose this one for his no-handed, devil-may-care posture. I concluded that he is “smoking” in more than one sense of the word.

Debrani Das


This is a photograph from Kolkata, India . Adolescent age is the stepping stone of adulthood . A girl of adolescence experiences a lot of uncertainty as they go through many social and emotional changes apart from huge physical changes. This photo for me denotes that sort of perplexity . The silhouette appeared in the front of the frame of a young girl and the partly visible structure of a young girl at the back making a strong juxtaposition and the pink coloured wall signifies the womanhood. The uncertainty that lies in this age, especially for girls, is very crucial. In many countries young girls get married and so many restrictions are put on them by the society at this age. We should give our daughters a healthy society where each and every girl turns into a beautiful woman tomorrow . That will bring prosperity and growth for her nation as well for herself. 

Mark Walsh



Its raining, a lot, I am focused on the water and glass of the bus window. There is a hair stuck to the glass, the condensation has been rubbed away, heals itself, layers of that, different shapes, a witches hat, remnants of a figure, a woman reaches for something, the hand catches the light. There is the photo, a strange mix of a human figure and shapes on the glass pane.

Kosuke Okude


When I took this picture, I was in the building in front of Fukui station.  When I looked down from the outside of the window, it snowed and many people walke. There were footprints left.  I was deeply moved when I thought that each of these footprints had a life. With that in mind, what came to my mind was Saul Leiter, who was the most influential person in taking street photography.

As soon as I held the camera, a person with an umbrella walked at some point. I pressed the shutter not to miss this chance. I would be very happy if I could take this picture and get closer to the great Saul Leiter.

About Dpsp Street

Dpsp street is an Instagram street collective feed founded in Japan by Keigo Nakamura in January 2017. This group consists of eight members, including Patty Jansen from the Netherlands, Seda ÜNNÜ from Turkey, Gaelle Elbaz from France, Antoinette Pionnier from France, Bayéré Zouzoua from France, Linda Hacker from the United States, Iris Maria from Rumania, and Curator Keigo Nakamura from Tokyo City Japan.

Three members have retired when Our feed started, and as of July 2021, the above members are active.  Each of our members creates works that are full of originality, and each has a different taste for photography.  But that's what made us grow as our feed was able to collect multiple genres of street photography and showcase some of the world's finest work.



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