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28 Jun 2021
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3. JUNE - 5. JULY

This series is a process, an evolution like life itself, an explosion of innocence and naivety that unfolds in freshness and vivacity. It is the naive expression of the desire to be reborn, to grow, to enjoy discovering the life that is inside and outside of one, with the illusion and enthusiasm of a child, that child that lives in the soul of each one of us and needs to unfold.

and live in freedom. And to get back to that point, we need to unlearn what we have learned.

The collection wants to express - in rich and vivid colors - the life that emanates from the soul of a child. Life, passion, unlimited creativity, naivety, eagerness and desires, essential optimism, need for love, and happiness. Color, a lot of color, and nuances.

Dedicated to this period of uncertainty, in which we sometimes tend to forget that we live in a dynamic, exciting, and inspiring world, in which children show us the magic when we dare to look with their eyes.

Esta serie es un proceso, una evolución como la vida misma, una explosión de inocencia e ingenuidad que se despliega en frescura y vivacidad. Es la expresión naïf del deseo de renacer, de crecer, de disfrutar descubriendo la vida que hay dentro y fuera de uno, con la ilusión y el entusiasmo de un niño, ese niño que habita en el alma de cada uno de nosotros y necesita desplegarse y vivir en libertad. Y para volver a ese punto, necesitamos desaprender lo aprendido.

La colección quiere expresar -en riqueza de colores-, la vida que emana del alma de un niño. Vida, pasión, creatividad ilimitada, ingenuidad, afán y deseos, optimismo esencial, necesidad de amor y felicidad. Color, mucho color y sus matices.

Dedicada a este periodo de incertidumbre, en el que a veces tendemos a olvidar que vivimos en un mundo dinámico, emocionante e inspirador, en el que los niños nos devuelven la magia cuando nos atrevemos a mirar con sus ojos.

Written by Anahí Rodríguez

  Organized by Fundacion Pons 

Sponsored by D Emptyspace

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Anahí Rodríguez

Anahí Rodríguez (Madrid, 1986) is a Spanish painter, photographer, and designer who graduated in Fine Arts BA and in Visual Arts MA from Madrid’s Complutense University.

She studied Design at Parsons School in New York and at Politecnico di Milano.

She has been exhibiting her work internationally during the last decade in Madrid, New York, London, Milan, Aarhus… cities where she has also lived and have an enormous influence on her work.

She currently lives and works between Milan and Madrid.

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Fundación Pons Madrid, Spain

2019 Espacio Oculto Madrid, Spain

2018 Only YOU Boutique Madrid, Spain

2017 Ushuaïa Tower Ibiza, Spain

             B.Fab Bergamo, Italy

2013 Ramses & Beyond Arting Madrid, Spain

             Taste Gallery Madrid, Spain

2011 Biondetta Art Gallery Madrid, Spain

             Agora Spazio Modernissimo Bergamo, Italy

2010 Espacio Trivieca Madrid, Spain

             Vestas Lem, Denmark

             Agora Spazio Polaresco Bergamo, Italy

             Espacio Caná Madrid, Spain

2009 Galería Arte Veintiuno Madrid, Spain

            Showroom Estudio Alioli Madrid, Spain


Group Exhibitions

2017 Galleria Colleoni Bergamo, Italy

2015 UBS Bank Madrid, Spain

2014 Oxford House London, UK

            Windsor Collage Exhibition Windsor, UK

            Espacio Gallery London, UK

2013 Vibe Gallery London, UK

2012 Casa de Vacas Cultural Centre Madrid, Spain

             Godsbanen Cultural Centre Kulturanet, Aarhus, Denmark

             Cultural Centre 8 de Marzo Madrid, Spain

             Museo del Traje – C Arte C Madrid, Spain

2011 Madrone Studios San Francisco, USA

            Space Ateller Seattle, USA

            Galería INAEM Madrid, Spain

            Muestrarte Tabacalera Madrid, Spain

            Brooklyn Art Gallery New York, USA

            Galería Guerrero Madrid, Spain

2010 Artekne Contemporary Art Fair Maratea, Italy

             Torre Blanca de Albarracín Teruel, Spain

              Osuna Culture House Seville, Spain

Artist Website 


Selected Works

Palette Play, 110 x 110cm 

Colour Vibes, 100 x 120cm 

Arlecchino, 100 x 35cm 

Like a phoenix, 70 x 140cm 

Untitled, 80 x 80cm 

Wrapped in colour, 100x50cm 

Life in technicolor, 100 x 150cm 

Untitled2, 150 x 100cm 

3_2_1 Boom, 100 x 150cm 

Rey de garabatos, 100x150cm

Garabato N.2, 150 x 100cm

Garabatos N.2_100 x 150cm

Garabatos twins, 100 x 100cm

Garabatos N.3, 140 x 70cm

Garabatos N.4, 100 x 120cm

Bold, 120 x 100cm

Physical Exhibition 
at Fundacion Pons in Madrid, Spain


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