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28 Apr 2021
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Female Gaze Group Exhibition

30. APR - 31. MAY. 2021

Female Gaze Group Exhibition

What is a female gaze?

 Is it a different perspective, is it the expression of an inner vision so rich that needs to escape, or is it simply the special relationship (the absence of it) with the mechanical device that changes all?

 “Good photography” was de facto defined by the work of men, but don’t we agree that we seek more original work and less replication of known aesthetics?

On the other hand, it is not only through “positive actions” bringing more women in the spotlight (as much as they are essential) that the diversity of the talent will prosper.

It is not only through “gender equality” nor through mentioning that women have easier access to certain situations (gaining trust in conservative areas and situations) that we will get the essence of the female gaze.

It is by embracing their visual language and their visual identity that we’ll all benefit from a shift in our approach to photography.

This is the “raison d’être” behind the present collection of photographs by BULB’s female photographers.

Enjoy the sometimes melancholic, the sometimes poignant, work of our colleagues who, more than any of us, possess and defend the paramount qualities of the meaningful photography.

 Honesty and decency!

Participating Artists: 

Amalia Tsakiri, Bianca Birsan, Cristina Mina Dalea, Dana Borcea, Diana Maria, Eleni Rimantonaki, Florina Luput, Laura Incze, Louloudia Gredi,

 Niki Gleoudi, Raluca Furtuna, Ruxandra Maria Petre, Soula Palentza, Stela Patrulescu, Szilvia Illes, Vicky Markolefa

Organized by BULB Collective

Sponsored by D Emptyspace

Curated by Niki Gleoudi

Online Exhibition

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Online Exhibition

Female Gaze Group Exhibition 2

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About BULB (Balkan Urban League w/o Borders)

The Bulb Collective has been founded in January 2015 by Michail after an Open Day held in Bucharest. Since 2015 the collective has widen its geographical scope and in early 2020 had more than 50 photographers from 6 countries in the Balkans. In the mid-2020 the format changed.

The photographers are active in urban (and rural) photography with an expressive shift to include highly aesthetic and poetic images in their assignments.

They share the same vision but not the same perspective which gives the necessary "polyphony" in their extremely ambitious endeavour to create iconic images and to be the best in metamorphosing and interpreting all aspects of life in this highly contradictory and fascinating world.



The video about BULB Collective

Amalia Tsakiri, Greece

About Amalia Tsakiri


Bianca Birsan, Romania 

About Bianca Birsan


Cristina Mina Dalea,  Romania 

About Cristina Mina Dalea


Dana Borcea, Romania 

About Dana Borcea


Diana Maria,  Romania 

About Diana Maria


Eleni Rimantonaki, Greece 

About Eleni Rimantonaki


Florina Luput,  Romania 

About Florina Luput


Laura Incze, Romania 

About Laura Incze


Louloudia Gredi, Greece

About Louloudia Gredi


Niki Gleoudi, Greece 

About Niki Gleoudi


Raluca Furtuna,  Romania 

About Raluca Furtuna


Ruxandra Maria Petre, Romania 

About Ruxandra Petre


Soula Palentza, Greece 

About Soula Palentza


Stela Patrulescu,  Romania 

About Stela Patrulescu


Szilvia Illes, Romania 

About Szilvia Illes


Vicky Markolefa, Greece

About Vicky Markolefa


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