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16 Nov 2020
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  Eternal Beauty

  1. - 31. Dec. 2020

Bjorn Bengtsson  Invitational Exhibition

The global online exhibition platform D Emptyspace hosts “Eternal Beauty”: US-born artist “Bjorn Bengtsson Invitational Exhibition” from December 1 to 31, 2020. This event is held at D Emptyspace’s online exhibition showroom for a total of 18 works at two exhibition halls. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and Korea Arts Management Services to help vitalize and enhance the competitive edge of Korea’s online exhibition platform industry.

Eternal Beauty begins with Bjorn Bengtsson’s respect for God and cult of love. To him, God is a cosmological and transcendental existence. Religion is not confined to a specific sect. He sublimates the practice of love in artistic works. He does not establish his faith based on the medieval natural creation ideology. Rather, he conducts ontological research of life and expresses respect and love for God—creator of human beings and their origin, in artistic works. His works are worship toward God and media to co-exist with God. He defines that God is love itself. Creating an artistic work is a spiritual practice and contact with God. Several motives appear in Bengtsson’s works. In particular, a halidom, “flower” motive, stands for permanence and root of heaven. Such pure inner consciousness is reflected in his metaphorical motives and colors for works. The artist experiences spiritual unity through philosophical reflection about love and self-confessing artistic practice. This way the artist and audience can share the idea through works in the surrealistic environment. The audiences will also experience magical, spiritual feelings about amazing God and love.

Organized by D Emptyspace

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Arts Management Services

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Bjorn Bengtsson Painting Process

About Bjorn Bengtsson


Born in the US and lives in Tempe.

 He attends Arizona State University.


2019 Portraits, The Graduate, Tempe AZ

Portraits, Lux Central, Phoenix AZ

Abstractions and Flowers, WhereUBean, Phoenix, AZ

Landscapes, Cartel, Phoenix AZ

2018 Coalescence, WhereUBean, Phoenix, AZ

Selected Works, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix AZ


2020 After Happy Hour Review Issue 13 (image)

50 Haikus Issue 16, Prolific Press


 Sunflower, Oil on wood, 46 x 48 inches, 2020

Spiritual, Oil on wood, 46 x 48 inches, 2020

Painting, Oil on wood, 46 x 48 inches, 2020

Topanga Canyon, Oil on Wood, 46 x 48 inches, 2020

Red Room, Oil on wood panel, 48 x 96 inches, 2020


Contact: bjorn.h.bengtsson@gmail.com

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