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25 Aug 2022
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A typical emotional expression carries a vast expanse of interpretations and limitations. Though a single word may suffice in expressing one's emotions, different connotations and context give way to misunderstandings and conflict.

Lily Son aims to minimize such conflicts by focusing on specific situations where emotions originate. <Niche Emotions> by ADM Gallery interprets the artist's view on the reasons of emotion. She hopes to interact with viewers in emotions derived from rare occasions of say, 5 days out of 365 a year. The exhibition aims to create a sense of common understanding and appreciation towards these situational emotions, and links to how it affects the lives of individuals. 


Artist/ Lily Son

 Organized by ADM Gallery   |   D Emptyspace


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LILY SON  b.1991


Artist based in Seoul, KOREA


School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Fine Art.



2022  Adm Gallery 

2021  Art Space AT 

2020, 2019  Adm Gallery  

2018  Gallery G-an.

  • Palais de Seoul.
  • Public Gallery “1leven Lounge”
  • Blank Gallery “Insole Coffee”

2017  N Gallery.

  • Tom n Toms The Black.
  • Public Gallery.


2022  Andtree Gallery “Fresh Buns”

2021  Adm Gallery “One To One”

2020  BC Card (Twin Tower) “Catch One's Breath”

  • Adm Gallery “Time To Greet”

2019  YoonSeung Gallery “K-Painting”

  • Adm Gallery “Dongne Art Festival”
  • GS Special Exhibition
  • Hometable deco Fair (Adm Gallery)
  • Palais de Seoul

2018  Lululemon Art Wall Collaboration.

  • KMCA Seoul “GEEKY LAND”.       

2017  KMCA Seoul

  • Kunsthalle.
  • GAMMA Young Artists Exhibition.

2016  Eco-Rock Gallery.

  • EW Museum.
  • Eco-Rock Gallery “The Great Beginning”.

2015  Platform Studio < DEEP SPACE >


GAMMA Young Artist Competition “Young Artist of the Year Award”.

The Artist’s Magazine Competition “(First Prize) Winner” - Featured  December 2017 issued.

Paris, France Artscore, Selected Artist.

One Day One Magazine September issue.

London, Zebraone Gallery, Featured Artist.


Selected Works

95 3

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