Naman Shrivastava

Naman Shrivastava is 20 years old, born in a small place called Vidisha. 

He shifted to Indore for his college where he was pursuing BA LLB degree. 

The idea behind photography is more than taking pictures of him. It’s about the experience he gets not composition rules. 

Photography has become a tool for Naman to remove or divert his mind. Most of his photos are taken by his phone as he can carry it everywhere.

As a law student, he is interested in public issues and hoping his formal education will catalyse his photography skills.

Before I forget

My dadaji (grandfather) is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. 5 years ago the doctor diagnosed him with dementia. He started to forget our names, sometimes could not recognize us, could not able to speak words distinctly, and gets angry, upset easily. His health is deteriorating every day and seeing him crying is the worst feeling ever for me. During this lockdown, I am spending more time with my grandfather. At times his sleeping pills don't work and what scares me the most is when he comes into my room at night. He eventually sleeps in my room like a child. Dadaji is 94 years old, there is no treatment for his disease, only basic pills; which sometimes result in hallucinations or delusion and has adverse effects on a person’s ability to think and behave. The condition of the family is worsened alongside the health of my grandfather.

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