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My name is Marco Ramón, but everyone call me “Atoq” (Quechua for fox). 

I am a photographer and a cultural manager in Lima, Perú.

I learned Photography in the streets, during social protests, and with the Hip-Hop movements in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of Lima. 

I Co-founded the collective Maldeojo (2014-2017). I, then, studied Photography at Centro de la Imagen-Lima (2015) and started working as a photojournalist at a local newspaper. In January 2017, while I was covering a protest in Lima and documenting the brutality of the police response, an officer targeted me with a hunting shotgun, hitting my face with a burts of metal pellet. One of them went through my left eye. My right eye was saved by the lens of my camera and hands.

I have participated in art, culture, and photography fairs and festivals In Latin America, specifically those promoting human rights. Currently, I am organizing photography exhibitions and seminars in different neighborhoods of Lima, where we work with emerging visual artists on street interventions and the creation of fotozines.

Currently, I am also the co-director of the Photography festival “Extramuros”.




My left eye

 I want to speak about my wounded eye, my damaged sight. 

And about State violence. I want to express what I am feeling when I observe the world through my left eye.

Broken dreams, the denial of pain; police testimonies and proceedings; medical exams, the vitrectomy; blurred memories; the ire that I still carry within, the shadowed thoughts, the so-called PTSD.

My vision changed that day when the police shot me in the face as I captured with my camera their violent repression against protesters.

To create images allows me to embrace my fragility and to process the damage caused four years ago. When I tell my story, I seek to denounce the impunity of State-sponsored criminal actions wherein seeking to expose the truth I was made one of its many victims.

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