Hyeryung Kim

Hyeryung Kim(1988, Seoul) is a visual artist based in Seoul, Korea.

10.2013 Directed an experimental short film <The beating of Seoul>

04.2014~10.2015 Directed first full-length film <Gott ist tot, God is dead>

06.2018 Exhibited in Unlimited Space Art Project at yesulchung under Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul, Korea

09.2019 Directed second experimental short film <Desolate Moon>

09.1-13.2020 Exhibited in the group exhibition at 4log Artspace, Seoul, Korea


An island dim in the distance

The future is for the present, It spins slowly like a spiral.
Current emotions, Maybe it's coming and going between my irregular memories. 

 Even if it is a bit cloudy and fragmentary.

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