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25 Jun 2021
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Walk of Life

1. JULY - 14.  JULY


Our LIFE has been drastically changed by Corona.  The word "New Normal" was struck by us.  But what is essential to our daily life is a peaceful daily life, like his photos work, preparing firewood to prepare for the cold, taking a walk with the family dog, and with good friends on a snowy day Playing, raising livestock such as horses and sheep carefully, and diligently working on farming.  We have learned the importance of ordinary life, and we will continue to move forward.

Organized by Dpsp Street

Sponsored by D Emptyspace

Curated by Keigo Nakamura

Online Exhibition

Walk of Life

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Dpsp Street

Dpsp street is an Instagram street collective feed founded in Japan by Keigo Nakamura in January 2017. This group consists of eight members, including Patty Jansen from the Netherlands, Seda ÜNNÜ from Turkey, Gaelle Elbaz from France, Antoinette Pionnier from France, Bayéré Zouzoua from France, Linda Hacker from the United States, Iris Maria from Rumania, and Curator Keigo Nakamura from Tokyo City Japan.

Three members have retired when Our feed started, and as of July 2021, the above members are active.  Each of our members creates works that are full of originality, and each has a different taste for photography.  But that's what made us grow as our feed was able to collect multiple genres of street photography and showcase some of the world's finest work.



Mihai Ciama

Mihai Ciama, Born in 1977 and based in Cluj Napoca, Romania, his main job is in the field of engineering.

He sees photography as a means of escape from the ordinary, and he takes interest in street, travel, and documentary. He is most attracted to candid, unstaged moments of daily life, shot in available light.

Photographic education includes UAD Cluj (University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca) Studies and a few workshops with photographers admires.

Nikos Economopoulos (Magnum Photos)

Geourgui Pinkhassov (Magnum Photos)

Cosmin Bumbut Currently a B.U.L.B. Collective partner  www.bulbphotos.eu





Selected Works

Mures, 2020

Bistrita, 2021

Aia la Sat, editia a 4a, 18-20 iunie 2021

Petresti, Cluj, 2021

Ciurila, 2020

Morocco, 2019

Mures, Romania, 2020

Dej, 2020

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